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About Us
Two Pines Resource Group, LLC is a women-owned, small business enterprise. The staff of Two Pines Resource Group has the expertise needed to balance regulatory demands and project needs. Staff members meet the U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards for archaeology, architectural history, and history.

Principal Partner, Senior Principal Archaeologist and Historian
Dr. Michelle Terrell is a trained anthropologist with a Ph.D. in Archaeology from Boston University and over 20 years of professional experience conducting all aspects of cultural resource studies in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, ranging from literature searches to mitigations and data recoveries. Her completed archaeology projects have included both precontact and historical-period investigations ranging from the mitigation of a Native American fishing camp on the Turtle River in Beltrami County, Minnesota, and the investigation of the remains a steam-powered sawmill in Stillwater, Minnesota, to the documentation of a colonial era community in the Caribbean. Her book, The Jewish Community of Early Colonial Nevis was published by the Society for Historical Archaeology and the University Press of Florida.

In addition to her extensive archaeological experience, Dr. Terrell has conducted numerous historical and anthropological studies, including three traditional cultural property studies on sites of importance to the Dakota in Minnesota. She has also written and successfully submitted National Register of Historic Places nominations for sites throughout Minnesota, including the Stillwater South Main Archaeological District and the Wood Lake Battlefield. Dr. Terrell’s research interests include the study of the history of the Minnesota River Valley, and the relationship between cultural traditions, the documentary record, and archaeological evidence. In 2006, Dr. Terrell authored the historic context for the “Historical Archaeology of Minnesota Farmsteads” for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Dr. Terrell is a Registered Professional Archaeologist, and meets the U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards for precontact archaeology, historical archaeology, and history. She also meets the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s pre-qualification requirements for both Archaeology Studies I: Pre-Contact and Archaeology Studies II: Historical Archaeology Studies.

Principal Partner, Business Manager
Ms. Eva Terrell holds a Master’s degree in Anthropology and has over 20 years of experience in archaeology and business management. Ms. Terrell has served as project manager for large-scale undertakings ranging from archaeological fieldwork to master planning. Ms. Terrell is an experienced archaeologist who is qualified to manage all phases of historical and precontact archaeological research, and she is especially interested in issues pertaining to historic preservation, interpretation, and rehabilitation. She has performed site surveys, mitigations, feasibility assessments, and master planning projects. She has been involved with diverse projects spanning urban history, farmsteads, industrial archaeology, architectural history, community histories and town settlement. Ms. Terrell performs documentary and archaeological research; laboratory analysis; and interpretive and master planning. Ms. Terrell meets the U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualification Standards for archaeology and architectural history. Ms. Terrell also handles all aspects of Two Pines business and financial duties, including human resources, client support and business development.